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Determinants of Consumers' Attitudes Toward Social Media Advertising: Systematic Review

Social media platforms enable billions of people worldwide to connect and look for information in a more convenient and accessible way. The main goal of this study is to assess the determinants of consumer attitudes toward social media advertising. This study employed a systematic literature review methodology, with 46 existing articles completed on determinants of consumer attitudes based on an inclusion/exclusion criterion. The findings of this study were collected by utilizing a thematic method, which involved extracting previous researchers' findings from the literature, classifying similar themes and findings, and drawing conclusions. According to the findings of this review, social media platform advertising have a positive relationship between consumer attitude and the most important determinant factors for consumer attitudes regarding social media advertising was perceived usefulness, informativeness, perceived credibility, reliability, trust, irritation, trustworthiness, satisfaction and awareness, attitude functions, materialism, and perceived ease-of-use. Finally, the outcomes of this review determinant of consumer attitudes toward social media advertising provide insight into the existing literature on it and that future researcher should undertake their study including a qualitative research approach and should use an interview to know insight into consumer attitude because qualitative methods facilitate an in-depth, detailed investigation of selected issues.

Consumer, Attitude, Social Media Advertising

APA Style

Alemayehu Bakalo, Shimels Zewude. (2023). Determinants of Consumers' Attitudes Toward Social Media Advertising: Systematic Review . European Business & Management, 9(5), 122-135.

ACS Style

Alemayehu Bakalo; Shimels Zewude. Determinants of Consumers' Attitudes Toward Social Media Advertising: Systematic Review . Eur. Bus. Manag. 2023, 9(5), 122-135. doi: 10.11648/j.ebm.20230905.15

AMA Style

Alemayehu Bakalo, Shimels Zewude. Determinants of Consumers' Attitudes Toward Social Media Advertising: Systematic Review . Eur Bus Manag. 2023;9(5):122-135. doi: 10.11648/j.ebm.20230905.15

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